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What is Nova ?
Nova is a free integrated observational environment for amateur astronomers. It's aim is to combine ephemeris, sky view, observatory control and basic image capture functionality into an easy to use Gnome application.

Planned major features include :-

  • Virtual view of night sky (using different projections).
  • Ephemeris calculation and plotting.
  • Remote observatory control.
  • CCD image capture.
  • Automatic scheduling of observational activity.
  • Astro data source independence.
Nova is still very much work in progress and for simplicity is divided into 3 seperate subprojects.

Nova The Nova application. cvs (module nova)
libnova Double precision celestial mechanics, astrometry and astrodynamics library. 0.11.0
libncat Astronomical object database. 0.1.0

libnova and libncat are both C libraries released under the GNU LGPL and can be freely used in other projects.

Screenshots are available here, most recent at the top.

Nova is currently only available from cvs and depends on Gtk 2.7, libnova and libncat. There will be a 0.5 release around September time, after Gtk 2.8 is released. Note: Gtk 2.7 is a development release, so if your not comfortable with this, please wait for the Nova release.

Planned features for 0.5 release:-

  • Flat sky view
  • Sky grid
  • Constellation lines
  • Planets, Sun, Moon.
  • Load and save sky views
  • Change sky view parameters
  • Automatic astro catalog download.

Nova is free software and released under the GNU GPL license.

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Page updated 1st August 2005